Guys, we need to step up!

I often think about what it is to truly be a man,  and I’m not just the physical aspect. But what is it really that make us men, real men?

There are a lot of things out there trying to convince you of that, but what should we, as men, listen to? Newspapers, magazines, internet, doctors, religion or celebrities? They all give you all sorts of opinions like: He needs to be tall, handsome, brown hair, blond hair, six-pack, nice clothing, know how to flirt, good in bed.  All these traits I mentioned are seen as some of the most important traits nowadays.  What do they have in common? They are all based on outward appearance or performance. Do you honestly think you need to lift 300 pounds with one arm to be a real man? You might think: “Of course not. That would be silly..(but it might help) ” How do you see yourself? How do you want to see yourself?

I think were looking at it from the wrong side. I’m not saying that having some of those traits mentioned above are bad, not at all, but if you rely entirely on them. You’re not going to go far, your relationships will fall short after some time because the girl gets tired of it, and you can’t be a young handsome stud forever either, can you? These traits are temporary, thats why you need to develop charactertraits that will stand for longer than that. And these traits.. they come from within.

Some traits that immediately comes to mind when I think of a real man is courage. A man being able to face his fears even though it could cost him.. maybe even his, dare I say it, reputation?

There are more. Honor, faithfullness, righteousness, responsibility, patience, selflessness. These traits are almost not being seen at all in our society anymore. Why? People think that that is old school, it doesn’t work, times are changing. Well, I beg to differ. These traits and many more, are actually the traits that will stand the test of time, and have already done so.

We all recognized them when we heard them, and to some extent we agree too, but we do not fully believe it anymore. You see, humanity is becoming more and more self-centered. We’re impatient and want our part of the love and happiness right away. That’s why we see so many teenage pregnancies these days, and the numbers of abortion fly through the roof. Why? Because often guys are just looking for a quick satisfaction without any concern for what happens after. And that’s okay for we have a society that is looking after us so we don’t have to take responsibility.. NO!! That is not true, you are responsible for your actions, your momma ain’t around there to back you up anymore, you’re on your own. So you need to MAN UP! Learn how to take responsibility, stay true to your values, be righteous, honor your girlfriend or wife, she deserves it! I’m sick and tired of seeing and hearing boys who just couldn’t care less about girls, they’re only using them and leaves them emotionally and physically destroyed. GUYS, we’re better than that!

“All it takes for evil to succeed, is for good men to do nothing.”

I want us boys to rise to the occation, take the calling of being Men! We can’t stay young and do whatever the heck we want forever. It’s our responsibility to take the lead, in marriage, in relationships, and you can! Just believe in yourself, even if no on else does!  Stay strong, endure, and the result will be amazing. Don’t be dragged down with the rest of the world.


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