If you know what’s right, then go out and do it!

Are you doing what you do because everyone else is, or because you know it’s right?

It really is frustrating, very few people are willing to stand up for what’s right and what’s good.. frankly, just because it requires them to stand when it is much more comfortable to sit. Let me tell you something, doing what’s right or standing up for the truth will actually require some effort from your part, and yes, it will probably mean you will get some shit thrown your way. Because people will either cheer for your good works or hate and mock you because it makes them look bad, and they know it.  So they do all they can to make you fall and get down to their level,  then they can enjoy themselves continuing living the way they do. That’s the time you need to show what you’re made of and take the hits. So what if you fall, dust yourself off and try again. The real looser is not the person who falls, it’s the one who stays down, refusing to rise again. It is tough to stand up, that’s why it takes courage, and a willingness to do what’s right even if it will cost you your reputation or a girlfriend/boyfriend, or those extra cash you could’ve earned if you accepted the bribe from your boss for not telling the cops about his tax-fraud. Are you willing to pay the prize? It’s hard, often it doesn’t seem worth it. We have an expression in Norway, “Honesty will last longer.” I think people have forgotten about that, and rather take the easy way out with a little lie.. and then you get caught, and suddenly it all falls apart. All of a sudden you think back to the moments where it all went wrong. And you realize, “if I hadn’t stole that”, or ” if I hadn’t lied to him”, it would all be okay. The consequences catches up with you and your fall will be great. Trust me when I say it is worth doing the right thing.

If you look a little ahead of the present temptations, and to the future and what will happen if you do it, you will have the motivation to restrain yourself, and to do what is right because of the reward that awaits you for doing so. That’s why it is so important to have a goal, to know where you’re going in life. If you have a goal of having a happy marriage, then you will decline your secretary’s attempt of trying to do a little more of what is required of her during a christmas-party. Becuase you know that it will cost you your family, house, and a permanent, monthly bill to your then-to-be-ex-wife. A miserable and lonely life awaits.

It will not be easy, and people often think that it is too hard, and since everyone is doing something “a little” bad from one time to another, what little bad I do won’t matter. “After all my work makes a lot of money and so they can afford to loose those extra money I need for a vacation. They won’t even notice I took them..” And people wonder what’s wrong with the world.. If you add up all those small tiny pieces of  “bad” and put them together, you get a whole lot of evil. People blaim God for all the evil in the world, the suffering and the famine on everyone else except themselves. We were born with this knowing of right and wrong, an urge in us tells us to comfort a crying person, to help a fallen person, to give of our food and extra to those we see need it, and then we grow up.. over the years we let people get the best of us, it could even be your mom and dad, that will twist your understanding of things by lying and cheating on each other, your friends will bend your limits and boundaries, make you do things you didn’t want to or shouldn’t do. You have to be very careful to not fall in the same trap, when you deep down inside know what you should be doing in this or that particular situation.

My question is: Will you follow them, let them show you what they’ve been doing wrong all this time and force their way upon you or will you step up and take the lead, and do what’s right? This isn’t a job for the faint of heart. If you’re doing it, you’re in it for the long haul! No matter what people say. Get people around you with the same mindset to encourage you. If you don’t think you have the balls, then grow a pair!


One thought on “If you know what’s right, then go out and do it!

  1. rick says:

    This was actually very inspiring, it takes courage to stand up for what is right especially today, people seem to lack the basic knowledge to discern between right and wrong

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