Oh, so you had good intentions? Tell that to the judge.

I watched CSI:Miami the other day and there were two cases, one where a single mom was hooked on gambling, and even went as far as giving away her 8 year old son as collateral because NOW she was going to win and get rid of her debt so that they could start over again. The other was a husband that lost a bet in some sick gamble where people bet on people who’s most likely going to die within six months, celebrities and so on.. his wife decided to join in on it. The next time the husband made a bet, she killed the woman who he’d bet on without even him knowing it! When the police found out and arrested her, she was crying and saying between her tears that: “I just did it so we could make a fresh start.”

There are “cases” like that all the time. Not always so dramatic, but nonetheless. The reason behind it, is called good intentions.. and good intentions are maybe the biggest reason behind the most cruel and violent happenings in our history. Those intentions are not going to hold up in court if they are not right. The saying: “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” has got some truth to it after all. Imagine if we let everybody that had good intentions go.. I bet Hitler had some very good intentions: “I was just trying to cleanse the world of the weaker races.” I mean, who could blame the man? You see where I’m getting at?

Of course the police understood WHY the wife did what she did, but that could never justify what she did, because it is against the law. To murder somebody is against the law and there cannot be exceptions. (Notice I wrote “murder” and not “kill”, killing in self-defence and commiting murder is two very different things.) If we start making exceptions because we saw her intention behind it, everything would collapse, and we would fall into anarchy. Imagine the murdered woman’s family, I would guess they also would have had very good intentions for murdering the murderer to regain their family’s honor.. and so it would go on. As hard and unfair as it may seem sometimes, we cannot take justice into our own hands. It’s not our job to make.

How many times do you hear people say: But I did it just to save my boyfriend from going to jail. I did it because I didn’t want to lose my job, I did it because it would have prevented my career. All this might be called noble intentions(notice it’s also almost everytime selfish reasons), but say that to the supreme court, you’ll loose your case everytime! So my point here is: Check your intentions, are they just noble or are they right?

And a sidenote, you cannot dress up as a superhero and be a vigilante and take down crime by yourself. I don’t care how much you want to, the cops are gonna take you in as well.


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