Who’s asking?

It’s been a while since my last post, so to all my fans out there, I’m sorry.

I’ve been thinking, and I want to try and go a little deeper with what I’m writing. To the core, if you will, of what I believe to be truth. You see, I don’t believe that truth is something abstract. I believe that truth is a person, perfectly represented in Jesus Christ. Argue with me all you want, but that’s how I see it and that is what I believe to be the ultimate truth. So my reasoning is the overflow of that. So instead of looking at the symptoms or results from truth or lies for that matter, as I’ve done in the previous posts, I want to go to the bottom of it. That said, let’s get started.

From time to time when I talk to people, the conversation sometimes takes a new turn, into the question about God and christianity. Most people know that I’m a christian, a few kinda jumps back a little when I say it for the first time, almost as if we were back in the time of the inquisition, and I’m the executioner, there to root out all the heretics. Very funny actually, and also a bit scary, when people have got such a distorted view on what it really means.

So anyway, I had this conversation with this guy, and he actually got really interested when he heard that I was a Christian, he didn’t agree, but he found it very interesting. He’s been having debates with friends with different beliefs and he finds it intriguing. He didn’t have any beliefs really, except that he believed in Karma, but only the part of: What goes around comes around. Basicly, be nice and good things happen. Be bad, and bad things happen.

Then questions about why there is so much evil in this world started to arise. Why did God let the tsunami kill all those people? Why did he let that person in my family die of cancer and so on. Questions so many people ask, and there doesn’t seem to be any answer to it, and they hate and curse God and the people around them for it. Their conclusion is that a good and loving God can’t exists because of that. And those are perfectly valid questions that needs answers. I too, feel for the millions of people suffering for no apparent reason at all. I’ve also been looking for somebody to blame.

I respond with a question myself: Who’s asking?

Thank you, there you have it, your final solution for all tough questions. Just kidding. There’s more. I proceed and sid: I mean, on what basis are you asking these questions? Since a Muslim doesn’t ask the question, because it’s the will of Allah. The Hindu or the Buddhist doesn’t ask it, because to them it’s Marma. They’ve must’ve done something bad in a past life (the innocent people and children who are killed for no apparent reason) and therefore get the consequences now. The atheist or the naturalist or the evolutionist doesn’t ask it (they do actually, that’s the funny part)  because to them it’s the survival of the fittest, or the most evolved… then how come the less evolved knew when to back away from the tsunami?  How come the animals knew when to run away from natural catastrophes? It contradicts itself.

In addition, they have no sense of ultimate right or wrong, good or bad. We are all a result nothing, mixing in with nothing, creating an explosion, creating some random big round rocks called planets in a place called the universe, one planet has suddenly gotten water, and in there some prehistoric slime climbs out going through a little transformation and here we are.

The only person who can legitimately ask that question, is one who has the Judeo-Christian framework. In short, everything is well, and then man turned away from God, consequences happened(Not because God did it, but because we put ourselves in the center of the world, and our selfish needs then came before anyone else) and the result is all the evil here today, and until we turn back, it will continue. That’s how I see it at least. Nothing else seems to make any sense.

We’re not actually done talking about it yet, but I think or hope I made him consider what he is believing. And to get back to the question of WHY God let that happen.. I have some thoughts on it and I want to dig into that in future posts, because it’s something I would have to elaborate on. But for now, I hope this post will help the ones reading it to take a moment and think about their belief-system or worldview. Who’s really asking? Have you excluded something from what you believe or on the other hand, borrowed something from another’s (in this case christianity) to make that claim or accusation?

Just to make it clear. I’m not here to convince or especially not force my beliefs on anybody, though in some cases it could seem like it. I’m only trying to make people think and draw their own conclusions instead of listening to celebrities or famous people and adopting their ideas and views. I have drawn mine. Of course I would want others to also have it, but I would rather that they chose for themselves and make up their own mind rather than accepting something blindly, because it’s trendy or somebody else believes it. (like your parents or friends) Something like that is a choice only you can make.


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