About myself

I’m a 20 year old guy from Norway. I love reading and  getting more knowledge and wisdom about this world, about God, about who I am, all those big questions, and soccer(of course).  I want answers and so I want to get to the bottom of things. I’m not content with letting some guy, a company, advertisement, culture or government lie in my face and say “this is how it is” and let that go, I’m not satisfied with that. I want it right, and I want the truth. If it sounds questionable, you bet I will analyze it and see for myself if it is all a bunch of crap so somebody high up can earn some extra money or if it is actually real. For instance, we have the big smoke companies during the 50’s or something, they hired some well known scientist who were supposed to investigate smoking and it’s effect on people. “Surprisingly” it wasn’t bad at all, and the companies advertised as best as they could and got people hooked and they earned big money. I wonder if something like that could happen even in our days…?

So here I will write about almost anything really, could be after I see an advertisement or read something that really pisses me of.. all these lies that people fall for that I want to uncover. The world is not all shiny and perfect. So many are deceived by everything around them and think nothing’s wrong.

I’m a christian, so naturally, my worldview would differ from what others have, but as I write here, I hope to show you that christian belief and worldview really has something significant to it. Some  moral standards, something different than what is currently accepted in our society.


One thought on “About myself

  1. Anett Lie says:

    Du burde bli forfatter! ❤

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