I wasn´t born this way. Touché lady Gaga.

It is scary to think how easy we let media and people with a big name influence us and not stop for a moment and really think for ourselves. People listen to “Born this way” by lady Gaga and think that she´s right. It is a lie!! It sounds good, but put it into action.. That means people can justify every action they do by saying “I was born this way”. That means serialkillers and childmolesters are not bad people, they just couldn´t help themselves. Wrong! We are responsible for our behavior. Be careful of what you let in to your heart.Which is it gonna be?

We all have a choice, it´s only a series of bad choices and maybe a bad childhood that leads to something so horrible, and that´s so sad! But it´s our own choice where we´re going and what we are gonna do about the stuff the world throws at us. Life is not fair sometimes, but are you gonna lay down in the dirt without even trying to get up?

We can choose to let a bad experience affect us and control our behavior or we can rise above it. We are all gonna meet roadblocks in life or hard times, no one escapes it. Wether it is you´re having an argument with your wife or you get into an accident and break your leg (and your a professional footballer). Are you taking the “easy” way out and divorce her? Or are you gonna retire just because you can´t play for two months? It´s up to you to decide, but long term wise, a quick fix is not necessarily a good fix. Change your attitude, have a positive look on things and you have come very far. Where are you now? Are you capable of taking good decisions even in hard times? Or are you taking the easy way out?

Remember, a conflict is a place for us to grow, were we can be tested, if you haven´t faced a conflict before, how are you gonna handle it? And if you fall, just rise again. But please don´t stay down and say “I was born this way”.


Hello world!

Hi there.

Here it is, what you’ve all been waiting for, my new blog.

I don’t like that word “blog” actually,  all these fourteen year-old girls have messed up the whole thing. Just kidding. To get to the point, I have so much stuff in my head that wants out and I’ve decided to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard if you will, and just write. This will NOT be writings were I share all my daily activites and emotions.  Far from it. Here I will try, as best as I can, to get to the bottom of things. Deep questions that craves an answer, problems that needs a solution and conflicts that needs to be solved. I’m not saying I have all the answers. I’m just trying to go beyond what is widely accepted but doesn’t necessarily have to be true. You see, people take so much for granted. “Ah, so the smart guy in a labcoat says it’s so. Then I guess it is.” Well, sometimes he’s right, sometimes he’s not.

I plan to change that! Some you’ll agree with, some you won’t, that’s perfectly fine, and I’m really open for comments and questions. Maybe I’m the one who needs the lecturing on a particular subject. I don’t mind that, as long as I can make you aware of what’s going on around you, so that we’re not just following the stream, not taking note to what’s happening.

I’m glad that YOU decided to drop by and take a look, hope to hear from you.