Who’s asking?

It’s been a while since my last post, so to all my fans out there, I’m sorry.

I’ve been thinking, and I want to try and go a little deeper with what I’m writing. To the core, if you will, of what I believe to be truth. You see, I don’t believe that truth is something abstract. I believe that truth is a person, perfectly represented in Jesus Christ. Argue with me all you want, but that’s how I see it and that is what I believe to be the ultimate truth. So my reasoning is the overflow of that. So instead of looking at the symptoms or results from truth or lies for that matter, as I’ve done in the previous posts, I want to go to the bottom of it. That said, let’s get started.

From time to time when I talk to people, the conversation sometimes takes a new turn, into the question about God and christianity. Most people know that I’m a christian, a few kinda jumps back a little when I say it for the first time, almost as if we were back in the time of the inquisition, and I’m the executioner, there to root out all the heretics. Very funny actually, and also a bit scary, when people have got such a distorted view on what it really means.

So anyway, I had this conversation with this guy, and he actually got really interested when he heard that I was a Christian, he didn’t agree, but he found it very interesting. He’s been having debates with friends with different beliefs and he finds it intriguing. He didn’t have any beliefs really, except that he believed in Karma, but only the part of: What goes around comes around. Basicly, be nice and good things happen. Be bad, and bad things happen.

Then questions about why there is so much evil in this world started to arise. Why did God let the tsunami kill all those people? Why did he let that person in my family die of cancer and so on. Questions so many people ask, and there doesn’t seem to be any answer to it, and they hate and curse God and the people around them for it. Their conclusion is that a good and loving God can’t exists because of that. And those are perfectly valid questions that needs answers. I too, feel for the millions of people suffering for no apparent reason at all. I’ve also been looking for somebody to blame.

I respond with a question myself: Who’s asking?

Thank you, there you have it, your final solution for all tough questions. Just kidding. There’s more. I proceed and sid: I mean, on what basis are you asking these questions? Since a Muslim doesn’t ask the question, because it’s the will of Allah. The Hindu or the Buddhist doesn’t ask it, because to them it’s Marma. They’ve must’ve done something bad in a past life (the innocent people and children who are killed for no apparent reason) and therefore get the consequences now. The atheist or the naturalist or the evolutionist doesn’t ask it (they do actually, that’s the funny part)  because to them it’s the survival of the fittest, or the most evolved… then how come the less evolved knew when to back away from the tsunami?  How come the animals knew when to run away from natural catastrophes? It contradicts itself.

In addition, they have no sense of ultimate right or wrong, good or bad. We are all a result nothing, mixing in with nothing, creating an explosion, creating some random big round rocks called planets in a place called the universe, one planet has suddenly gotten water, and in there some prehistoric slime climbs out going through a little transformation and here we are.

The only person who can legitimately ask that question, is one who has the Judeo-Christian framework. In short, everything is well, and then man turned away from God, consequences happened(Not because God did it, but because we put ourselves in the center of the world, and our selfish needs then came before anyone else) and the result is all the evil here today, and until we turn back, it will continue. That’s how I see it at least. Nothing else seems to make any sense.

We’re not actually done talking about it yet, but I think or hope I made him consider what he is believing. And to get back to the question of WHY God let that happen.. I have some thoughts on it and I want to dig into that in future posts, because it’s something I would have to elaborate on. But for now, I hope this post will help the ones reading it to take a moment and think about their belief-system or worldview. Who’s really asking? Have you excluded something from what you believe or on the other hand, borrowed something from another’s (in this case christianity) to make that claim or accusation?

Just to make it clear. I’m not here to convince or especially not force my beliefs on anybody, though in some cases it could seem like it. I’m only trying to make people think and draw their own conclusions instead of listening to celebrities or famous people and adopting their ideas and views. I have drawn mine. Of course I would want others to also have it, but I would rather that they chose for themselves and make up their own mind rather than accepting something blindly, because it’s trendy or somebody else believes it. (like your parents or friends) Something like that is a choice only you can make.


Oh, so you had good intentions? Tell that to the judge.

I watched CSI:Miami the other day and there were two cases, one where a single mom was hooked on gambling, and even went as far as giving away her 8 year old son as collateral because NOW she was going to win and get rid of her debt so that they could start over again. The other was a husband that lost a bet in some sick gamble where people bet on people who’s most likely going to die within six months, celebrities and so on.. his wife decided to join in on it. The next time the husband made a bet, she killed the woman who he’d bet on without even him knowing it! When the police found out and arrested her, she was crying and saying between her tears that: “I just did it so we could make a fresh start.”

There are “cases” like that all the time. Not always so dramatic, but nonetheless. The reason behind it, is called good intentions.. and good intentions are maybe the biggest reason behind the most cruel and violent happenings in our history. Those intentions are not going to hold up in court if they are not right. The saying: “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” has got some truth to it after all. Imagine if we let everybody that had good intentions go.. I bet Hitler had some very good intentions: “I was just trying to cleanse the world of the weaker races.” I mean, who could blame the man? You see where I’m getting at?

Of course the police understood WHY the wife did what she did, but that could never justify what she did, because it is against the law. To murder somebody is against the law and there cannot be exceptions. (Notice I wrote “murder” and not “kill”, killing in self-defence and commiting murder is two very different things.) If we start making exceptions because we saw her intention behind it, everything would collapse, and we would fall into anarchy. Imagine the murdered woman’s family, I would guess they also would have had very good intentions for murdering the murderer to regain their family’s honor.. and so it would go on. As hard and unfair as it may seem sometimes, we cannot take justice into our own hands. It’s not our job to make.

How many times do you hear people say: But I did it just to save my boyfriend from going to jail. I did it because I didn’t want to lose my job, I did it because it would have prevented my career. All this might be called noble intentions(notice it’s also almost everytime selfish reasons), but say that to the supreme court, you’ll loose your case everytime! So my point here is: Check your intentions, are they just noble or are they right?

And a sidenote, you cannot dress up as a superhero and be a vigilante and take down crime by yourself. I don’t care how much you want to, the cops are gonna take you in as well.

Commitment. Yes, it’s a word, and it’s time you learned it.

I’m sorry to say, but there are so many girls out there who doesn’t know how valuable they are, that they are meant to be fought for, they have this longing to be loved and taken care off by us men. And there are so many boys out there too, who have forgot what it means or how to treat a girl properly, we stick to seduction and false promises we never keep and when responsibilities arrive and the fun’s gone we run away with our tale between our legs. There’s no faithfullness to the girl we’ve chosen to be with. Sadly, we’ve seem to have forgotten all about how to treat a girl, and girls, how to be a little hard to get. Faithfullness, honesty, honor, commitment.. what happened to these virtues? All of a sudden it’s a trend to cheat on your girlfriend or boyfriend, it’s a trend to break up or divorce when your feelings drift back and forth. Really, you would base your entire realationship on feelings? Well, good luck Chuck, because that relationship is doomed to fail. You didn’t give it a second thought, did you? Feelings will come and go, but are you really going to be controlled by them when you didn’t get to much sleep last night and you’re just angry with everybody because of that, and therefore, by your own account, break up with your girlfriend for no other apparent reason than: “I’ve lost my feelings for you?” Wow, I’m just blown away by your chain of thought, I bow to the master.

Can you stop and think for a moment? What is it really that is holding your relationship together? If it is just feelings or sex, just “using” the other so that you can feel good about yourself and have a good time, then you’re in it for the wrong reasons. People dream of lifelong and steady relationship, but they never consider that it takes a lot of effort to keep it going for that long. Count the cost. Are you willing to stick together even when times get tough? For better or worse? That ought to sound familiar, doesn’t it? It’s taken from an event called marriage. It’s between a man and a woman, making a commitment to each other to love and serve each other in good times and in bad for the rest of their lives, in case you didn’t know what it was.. Is it just me or isn’t that statement clear as day? I mean what part does people not understand? Because what I see these days are people divorcing, because their marriage isn’t going as well as in the beginning. If you want a perfect marriage, marry a robot. It does everything you want, it loves you, but you know it’s only because you want it to do so, not by itself. Prostitutes also do that, feeding your need for love and acceptance, but it will always be a substitute. It’s NOT the real deal.

One of the reasons that is so common nowadays, is that people are afraid of commitment. They hate to bind themselves to something, because they really just want to lay down on the couch and do nothing, just being loved without having to do something back. Commitment requires some sacrifice on your behalf too. You gotta do something you might not feel like doing at the time, to honor the commitment you’ve made. We’re so scared of commitment that we won’t even answer “yes” to an event on facebook. We reply “maybe” so all options are open. I’ve been there, I know what it’s like, but that has to stop! You can’t answer maybe everytime, there are times in life when you simply HAVE to commit and give a loud and clear “YES” or “NO”. Or else you’ll be just like a leaf in the wind, with no ground beneath you to help you be steady when times get tough. I hope when you want to enter a relationship now it’s because what you can give to it, not because what you can take from it. It’s better to give than to receive..

Commitment requires, agreement, sacrifices and love from both sides. The more of yourself you give, the more you open up, the more you sacrifice for the other person, the better the relationship. (this must go beyond feelings) Of course, that requires that the other person also does it, no point in doing everything for a person who doesn’t want to love you back, but that is the whole point of making the commitment in the first place, to keep you both accountable.

So when your girlfriend asks you now if you love her.. You should know by now what to answer.

If you know what’s right, then go out and do it!

Are you doing what you do because everyone else is, or because you know it’s right?

It really is frustrating, very few people are willing to stand up for what’s right and what’s good.. frankly, just because it requires them to stand when it is much more comfortable to sit. Let me tell you something, doing what’s right or standing up for the truth will actually require some effort from your part, and yes, it will probably mean you will get some shit thrown your way. Because people will either cheer for your good works or hate and mock you because it makes them look bad, and they know it.  So they do all they can to make you fall and get down to their level,  then they can enjoy themselves continuing living the way they do. That’s the time you need to show what you’re made of and take the hits. So what if you fall, dust yourself off and try again. The real looser is not the person who falls, it’s the one who stays down, refusing to rise again. It is tough to stand up, that’s why it takes courage, and a willingness to do what’s right even if it will cost you your reputation or a girlfriend/boyfriend, or those extra cash you could’ve earned if you accepted the bribe from your boss for not telling the cops about his tax-fraud. Are you willing to pay the prize? It’s hard, often it doesn’t seem worth it. We have an expression in Norway, “Honesty will last longer.” I think people have forgotten about that, and rather take the easy way out with a little lie.. and then you get caught, and suddenly it all falls apart. All of a sudden you think back to the moments where it all went wrong. And you realize, “if I hadn’t stole that”, or ” if I hadn’t lied to him”, it would all be okay. The consequences catches up with you and your fall will be great. Trust me when I say it is worth doing the right thing.

If you look a little ahead of the present temptations, and to the future and what will happen if you do it, you will have the motivation to restrain yourself, and to do what is right because of the reward that awaits you for doing so. That’s why it is so important to have a goal, to know where you’re going in life. If you have a goal of having a happy marriage, then you will decline your secretary’s attempt of trying to do a little more of what is required of her during a christmas-party. Becuase you know that it will cost you your family, house, and a permanent, monthly bill to your then-to-be-ex-wife. A miserable and lonely life awaits.

It will not be easy, and people often think that it is too hard, and since everyone is doing something “a little” bad from one time to another, what little bad I do won’t matter. “After all my work makes a lot of money and so they can afford to loose those extra money I need for a vacation. They won’t even notice I took them..” And people wonder what’s wrong with the world.. If you add up all those small tiny pieces of  “bad” and put them together, you get a whole lot of evil. People blaim God for all the evil in the world, the suffering and the famine on everyone else except themselves. We were born with this knowing of right and wrong, an urge in us tells us to comfort a crying person, to help a fallen person, to give of our food and extra to those we see need it, and then we grow up.. over the years we let people get the best of us, it could even be your mom and dad, that will twist your understanding of things by lying and cheating on each other, your friends will bend your limits and boundaries, make you do things you didn’t want to or shouldn’t do. You have to be very careful to not fall in the same trap, when you deep down inside know what you should be doing in this or that particular situation.

My question is: Will you follow them, let them show you what they’ve been doing wrong all this time and force their way upon you or will you step up and take the lead, and do what’s right? This isn’t a job for the faint of heart. If you’re doing it, you’re in it for the long haul! No matter what people say. Get people around you with the same mindset to encourage you. If you don’t think you have the balls, then grow a pair!

How do you value yourself?

There are so many people out there who really doesn’t know what they are worth. Their self-esteem is below zero, they feel they don’t matter. I can’t blame them, for society these days tell us that we are a single-celled organism that has gone crazy, so to speak. With no intention or purpose, we have arrived at our destionation in evolution, the human species. You are nothing, you are just another step in evolution, if you die, you’re just a weak link in the chain. (The -if- part was ironic, because we all have to face death at some point in our lives) There is no rhyme or reason to you existing at all. The whole point of you being here at all is to make the most of it. You can do and take whatever you want. Or can you?

There is SO many things that goes wrong when people fail to recognize what a human being is really worth. I won’t go in to detail, but I can mention Hitler. How did he measure human worth? Hitler degraded Jews, made them worth less than dogs, so he then “justified” killing millions of jews in the consentration-camps. He got human worth seriously messed up.

What about slavery in America and Africa some sixty years ago? How was that possible? The white man announced that his race was superior to the black. And he therefore was entitled to make whatever he wished of them, because they weren’t worth as much.

In modern times, we think we are done with slavery and degrading people. After all, The Declaration Of Independece states: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. So why is human trafficking so common these days. Why are SO many babies being aborted? Oh, yes, I said it. I don’t think abortion is right, not at all.

The world seems to agree now that all men  are created equal, and have a right to life, but… yes, there is a but there that we don’t see. You wan’t to know what the last part says? Here it comes: WHEN IT SUITS ME! Haven’t you noticed? Guys who say that human trafficking is so wrong, and then some late saturday night evening finds a prostitute because he’s had some tough times with women. Or the pregnant mom who visits the doctor for som tests, and finds out that the baby has down’s syndrom. That was inconvenient.. “but since the baby is still a lump of flesh and not fully developed”,  she decides to take an abortion. This might come out as a bit hard. I’m not trying to judge anybody, but since we are being bombarded in media and all over now with these false statements about human worth, we are deceived into making decisions we shouldn’t do. What I’m trying to get to is what it all comes down to: What is a human being worth? People have been trying to come up with an answer to that question for a long time, and many have failed miserably..

Let me clarify this right now: You have so much worth, you can’t be bought or used, even though many fail to see that, but that goes for every other person out  there too.  Not until you understand how wonderful you are, how there is none like you out there, you have a distorted view of things and the people around you, but when you do, you’ll start treating people with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Guys, we need to step up!

I often think about what it is to truly be a man,  and I’m not just the physical aspect. But what is it really that make us men, real men?

There are a lot of things out there trying to convince you of that, but what should we, as men, listen to? Newspapers, magazines, internet, doctors, religion or celebrities? They all give you all sorts of opinions like: He needs to be tall, handsome, brown hair, blond hair, six-pack, nice clothing, know how to flirt, good in bed.  All these traits I mentioned are seen as some of the most important traits nowadays.  What do they have in common? They are all based on outward appearance or performance. Do you honestly think you need to lift 300 pounds with one arm to be a real man? You might think: “Of course not. That would be silly..(but it might help) ” How do you see yourself? How do you want to see yourself?

I think were looking at it from the wrong side. I’m not saying that having some of those traits mentioned above are bad, not at all, but if you rely entirely on them. You’re not going to go far, your relationships will fall short after some time because the girl gets tired of it, and you can’t be a young handsome stud forever either, can you? These traits are temporary, thats why you need to develop charactertraits that will stand for longer than that. And these traits.. they come from within.

Some traits that immediately comes to mind when I think of a real man is courage. A man being able to face his fears even though it could cost him.. maybe even his, dare I say it, reputation?

There are more. Honor, faithfullness, righteousness, responsibility, patience, selflessness. These traits are almost not being seen at all in our society anymore. Why? People think that that is old school, it doesn’t work, times are changing. Well, I beg to differ. These traits and many more, are actually the traits that will stand the test of time, and have already done so.

We all recognized them when we heard them, and to some extent we agree too, but we do not fully believe it anymore. You see, humanity is becoming more and more self-centered. We’re impatient and want our part of the love and happiness right away. That’s why we see so many teenage pregnancies these days, and the numbers of abortion fly through the roof. Why? Because often guys are just looking for a quick satisfaction without any concern for what happens after. And that’s okay for we have a society that is looking after us so we don’t have to take responsibility.. NO!! That is not true, you are responsible for your actions, your momma ain’t around there to back you up anymore, you’re on your own. So you need to MAN UP! Learn how to take responsibility, stay true to your values, be righteous, honor your girlfriend or wife, she deserves it! I’m sick and tired of seeing and hearing boys who just couldn’t care less about girls, they’re only using them and leaves them emotionally and physically destroyed. GUYS, we’re better than that!

“All it takes for evil to succeed, is for good men to do nothing.”

I want us boys to rise to the occation, take the calling of being Men! We can’t stay young and do whatever the heck we want forever. It’s our responsibility to take the lead, in marriage, in relationships, and you can! Just believe in yourself, even if no on else does!  Stay strong, endure, and the result will be amazing. Don’t be dragged down with the rest of the world.

A quote to think about.

“The man who refuses to judge, who neither agrees nor disagrees, who declares that there are no absolutes and believes that he escapes responsibility, is the man responsible for all the blood that is now spilled in the world. Reality is an absolute, existence is an absolute, a speck of dust is an absolute and so is a human life. Whether you live or die is an absolute. Whether you have a piece of bread or not, is an absolute. Whether you eat your bread or see it vanish into a looter’s stomach, is an absolute.

There are two sides to every issue: one side is right and the other is wrong, but the middle is always evil. The man who is wrong still retains some respect for truth, if only by accepting the responsibility of choice. But the man in the middle is the knave who blanks out the truth in order to pretend that no choice or values exist, who is willing to sit out the course of any battle, willing to cash in on the blood of the innocent or to crawl on his belly to the guilty, who dispenses justice by condemning both the robber and the robbed to jail, who solves conflicts by ordering the thinker and the fool to meet each other halfway. In any compromise between food and poison, it is only death that can win. In any compromise between good and evil, it is only evil that can profit. In that transfusion of blood which drains the good to feed the evil, the compromise is the transmitting rubber tube. indecisiveness ”